Westpork is 100% Gestation Stall Free (GSF) accredited (APIQ®).
    • Check every sow for overall health and welfare
    • Encourage all sows to stand to observe for lameness
    • Observe sows for signs of lost pregnancies
    • Ensure sows have access to fresh feed and water
    • Flush effluent systems and clean laneways
    • Ensure adequate ventilation in indoor systems
    • Ensure sows in outdoor systems can access shelter and wallows
  • All of Westpork’s gestating sows are housed in groups from five days after mating. This allows them to move freely and interact with other pigs. Group sizes range from 10-80.
  • Gestating sows on the free range unit have full access to open paddocks as well as shelter when they need it. Group sizes range from 15-35.
  • At 21 days after mating (or AI) sows are pregnancy tested using an ultrasound similar to one used in human pregnancy scans. If found not to be pregnant they are returned for re-mating. Pregnant sows are returned to their pen or paddock where they stay for the next 15 weeks.
  • Gestating sows are fed just over 2 kg per day of a specially formulated diet that maintains their body condition and growing litter. Feeding time is monitored closely by stockpeople to ensure all sows receive their ration. Electronic Sow Feeders are installed on our newer farms to prevent bullying around feed time and monitor each sows daily intake.