From approximately ten weeks of age pigs are grown out in groups until they reach sale weight.
  • When weaners reach ten weeks of age and weigh approximately 28 - 30kg they’re moved to a grow out area where they will be kept until they reach sale or breeding weight. This usually takes another ten to twelve weeks.
  • Grower pigs are kept in groups and are given room to run around as well as sleep, which they do for a large part of the day. While group sizes can vary, space allowances are determined by the Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals – Pigs.
  • Grower pigs are susceptible to heat stress, especially during our hot summers. All of our grower accommodation has cooling systems installed to allow pigs to cool off when necessary. Sheds are either fitted with cool cell pads and tunnel ventilation or misters combined with natural ventilation.
  • Growers are fed a range of diets to suit their changing nutritional requirements. Grower pigs are usually fed ad libitum, or as much as they can eat, during this phase and grow at rates of 700+ g/day. Stockpeople ensure that feeders are kept clean and pigs have easy access to feed.
  • Pigs are weighed to determine if they have reached market weight. Upon reaching market weight some pigs are returned to the breeding herd as replacement gilts and boars. The remainder of the pigs are consigned to the processing plant.