Conventional Farms

Our conventional housing systems consist of large sheds with fully or partially slatted floors, which allow for efficient effluent removal.  Some sheds are naturally ventilated and others are environmentally controlled.

One of our original farms at Gingin is a conventional breeder unit that supplies the environmentally controlled grower farm at Mindarra.  Mindarra also has two breeder units which supply the Mindarra grow-out farm.

Martup is a conventional farrow-to-finish unit that supplies contract growers, Howards.

Serpentine is a conventional breeder unit that supplies contract growers: Langes; Martins; and Furphys.

In 2016/7, Westpork significantly expanded the size of the Martup and Serpentine operations and incorporated a range of new technologies around housing, feeding and effluent management.

Moora is Westpork’s most recent acquisition, being a greenfield site which will house three state-of-the-art farrow-to-finish units.